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Funeral Services

Celebrating your loved one and the life they lived.

A funeral or memorial service highlights your loved one and the life they lived. It is a unique time to reflect and can be an important step in the grieving process. When making decisions about a service or ceremony, we walk alongside you and your family to consider religious and cultural beliefs, finances and all available options.

One of the greatest values a funeral home has to offer is a safe place to experience your emotions, whatever they may be. A funeral home is a place where you do not need to be in control. You are welcome to ask questions and will never be pressured into making decisions on the spot. There should always be time to discuss and confer with other family members.

To make the funeral or memorial service a unique and meaningful celebration of your loved one, consider the following:
  • Have the service at a unique location meaningful to your family or loved one
  • Include music that truly reflects your loved one
  • Include symbolic gestures like candle ceremonies
  • Plan the service around a theme or concept that speaks to the individual
  • Incorporate unique ethnic rituals in the ceremony
  • Provide meaningful momentos to those attending
  • Include input from an organization or club that your loved one was involved with (i.e. the Royal Canadian Legion)
A funeral or memorial service does not have to be costly.

In a difficult time of loss, the last thing you want to be burdened with is the cost. There are many ways to keep the cost down and still provide a perfect tribute to your loved one. Please contact us for more information or start by visiting our FAQ page.

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