Bowers Funeral Service Ltd. - Chapel & Office Facilities


The funeral home at its present location was opened in 1980. The low angular building with its simple lines steers clear of a conventional funeral home’s design. The interior has bright lighting, light wood and a wheat and brown color scheme. The exterior grounds, cared for by our staff, are a source of pride for all.

Bowers Funeral Service Chapel

The chapel can accommodate 300 people. It is tastefully finished with light wood and natural lighting. The front of the chapel has an open area, allowing room for those who wish to have pictures or other displays for a service.

The crematorium was opened in November 1993. The actual cremation retort came direct from the Industrial Equipment & Engineering factory in Orlando, Florida. It is regulated by complex computer and safety systems, as well as pollution control standards that are monitored constantly.

memorial gardens

Located on the West side of the funeral home, our Memorial Garden provides a peaceful setting for times of remembrance and reflection.

The latest addition to our facilities is the Mountainside Complex — a reception room across from the funeral home’s main entrance. This facility is ideal for a time of fellowship and refreshments following a service.



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